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Group A

Children will receive guidance on how to navigate their environment

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

Changing Behaviors: Youth will learn what their triggers are that causes and leads to their negative behaviors. Each member will participate in activities that places them in different scenarios and shows them positive ways to respond. Group will identify how each of their behaviors have affected others and develop strategies on how to change their approach to difficult situations. Self-Esteem: The group will participate in various self-esteem exercises that builds upon their individuality and reflects their own personalities. Youth will be able to identify what makes them unique and how to accept and to embrace others who are not like them. Viewing Different Perspectives: Youth will engage in brainstorming activities that encourages them to be able to see another perspective and how it can help them to better understand others point of view. Each member will choose a scenario and will role play with another member. These activities are designed to help each member to understand that they may think they understand someone but may need to be able to view it from another perspective to learn tolerance. Controlling Impulses: Members will learn how to incorporate mental distraction strategies and replace with healthy alternatives. Understand how unhealthy impulses causes negative reactions in others that can lead to being falsely identified as a bully or mean. Managing Emotions – Coping Skills and Techniques Members will be taught the differences between emotions and feelings and how their moods may affect them. How to implement coping techniques and based on the situation when dealing with difficult emotional internal and external stimuli.

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