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Every adolescent will be required to be assessed to ensure they are a fit for group sessions, because not all will benefit in group settings, requiring individualized counseling. In these cases, CGT will work with the parent or guardian to make arrangements for their child to receive therapeutic services. A future goal of CGT will be to provide individual therapeutic counseling onsite, as well as providing respite services for adolescents with mild behavioral or mood disorders. CGT will work with all adolescents, however, for those who will need more individualized therapeutic services will be referred to a local counseling center.

CGT does not provide clinical or mental health counseling; rather, we provide group facilitation to adolescents to work through their challenges using mediation strategies. Our focus is more specific to emotional collaboration, as well as, shared experiences, and how to rationalize through their emotions. 

Each group leader/facilitator will provide a report to parents on their adolescent’s participation, however, group sessions are private and confidential. Parents and/or guardians can receive a general summary report of what topics were discussed and to provide the progress of their child to include some helpful techniques to support their child. HIPPA and ACA requirements will be adhered to by CGT. 

Why does my child need to be assessed?

Group leaders and facilitators have degrees in behavioral and mental health, human services or social services or experienced with facilitation/mediation. Their backgrounds include experience dealing with youth who has been diagnosed with behavioral or mood disorders or those who may be a bit difficult.

What Are The Group Leaders Qualifications?

Schools that utilize CGT services is done as a last recourse for the child, providing the opportunity to improve the behavior. The goal of CGT is to encourage changed behaviors while helping the child navigate through their emotions giving them a sense of control. It is important to work with the child to help them understand why they have destructive behavior and providing them with coping mechanisms to work through them. This is the goal of CGT. 

Why Use CGT?

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